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Cabrillo PTO Gift Certificate Program

Hello everyone!  
Shop With Scrip is a new fundraising program the Cabrillo PTO is using. Please sign up for a family account and then explore the platform.   In a nutshell, you can order physical or online gift cards and a percentage (2-15%) designated by the company is given directly to Cabrillo PTO’s account.  You can even e-mail someone a gift card for a future date!  There is no cost to sign up.  

We are conscious of the fact that many want to support local businesses as they are struggling. We encourage you to do so as much as possible.  We do plan to talk to local businesses and see if they would like to be included in this program in the future when they are ready.  However, this program is not only for gift giving time. It can also be used for everyday purchases.  Here is a listing of all the participating stores.  You can also use the Raise Right app to store your gift cards so you can use them regularly without fear of losing the gift card.  

If you have any questions, please contact Mara Higdon – or Liz Castellon –