Parents and volunteers serve a crucial role at Cabrillo by giving of their time, talent and treasure to make our school great!

Studies show that schools with engaged parent volunteers have better-performing students. Volunteering helps parents get to know each other, form a community of support, and see the significant impact we can have first hand. The many activities, events, and field trips the school hosts would not be possible without the generous donation of time and resources from many different people.

Our volunteers get involved at every level. Some lead committees, teach art, or donate their professional services while others provide classroom supplies, offer input at meetings, or chaperone on field trips. Every contribution, big or small, makes a positive impact on our school community and shows our children that we care about their education and believe it is important.

If you would like to chair a committee or learn more about ways you can get involved? Check out the opportunities below and check back often for new opportunities to get involved.

Ways to help out:

  • Get involved with the PTO – attend our meetings.
  • Help with the organization’s various fundraising activities.
  • Volunteer during school hours. From helping with classroom parties to teaching drama classes, there are many fun ways to help with your child’s education.
  • Volunteer after school hours. There are also a number of very important jobs that can be done after school hours or from the comfort of your own home.

Contact and let us know how you would like to volunteer!

Volunteer Applications

If you plan to chaperone on field trips or volunteer at Cabrillo, the school district requires you to complete a volunteer application and live scan fingerprint form permitting a background check. Once submitted, it usually takes a few weeks to process, so it’s critical these forms are submitted as quickly as possible.

Once you have completed the forms and allowed a few weeks for processing, you may check on your application status by contacting our School Secretary, Ms. Griggi at 650-738-6660.