The Cabrillo Parent-Teacher Organization plays an important role in educating our children. Aside from raising funds for the school, the PTO is responsible for organizing numerous activities and school programs. It is also vital in promoting a sense of community between parents, teachers, staff, and the students.

Do you have ideas that you believe could potentially benefit our school, building, teachers, or students? Perhaps you’ve had ideas but were not sure how to present them? We now have a way for parents to present those ideas/fund requests.

For ideas/requests to be considered, please complete and submit a Funds Request Form to our treasurers. (Their emails can be found on the PTO Board page.)

The form is fairly straightforward, but the person(s) completing the form will need to do the legwork of getting the best price, shipping information, how it will be maintained, and any other details needed. It is very important that the form is completed in detail.

Once the form is received, a board member will reach out to the requestor to verify receipt. The requestor is required to attend the PTO meeting to present their proposal and answer any questions the board may have. The request must be reviewed by the PTO before the request will be considered for funding by the Cabrillo PTO Board. Upon approval by the PTO Board, the form must be returned to the Requestor before any budget transfers/payment will be completed.