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Original works art

Hello Cabrillo Community,

It is time for your student to create their Original Works art piece!!  Attached are the instructions for participating in the Online at Home Original Works Fundraiser.  You may use a picture your student already created in class, your teacher may be doing a lesson this next week for Original Works (they will let you know), or your child can create a picture at home that you will then upload per instructions.  Just use an 8.5” x 11” piece of paper (white construction paper or printer paper) and remember to keep names or other details about 1” from the edge of the paper so they are not cut off during the production of your products.  Bright, bold colors and simple designs work best.  

Please do not use the following materials:

Glitter/glitter glue/glitter pens – it will come out black

Fluorescent/metallic materials

All orders need to be uploaded & placed by November 10th in order to receive your items in time for holiday giving!

I have created several coloring pages as well as a couple of easy art projects to do at home.  I have .PDFs of the designs I will include in next email.  Or you can contact me at and I will forward them!  

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.  Thank you for participating in this Online at Home program this year! Click here for the informational PDF

Have fun creating!

Nancy Rickson

Below you will find a few mini art lessons & coloring pages you may choose to use for your Original Works project, or perhaps to inspire!!;v=1km4ilnst54u;v=1coh2dzr5zda;v=4j2ev0s2b6u;v=1km54g8wy382;v=11cx5d4zubke;v=q1d38qmps8e;v=eptmxnaqv7e;v=4j0oxpae6a2;v=1nzythbm6ekm;v=1coeqq188hdy

Time to create! Nancy