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Class building

Hello Cabrillo Families,

Class building is almost complete. Again, we are creating classes of “yearlong distance learning students” as well as those on the continuum/hybrid model. We are also honoring safe pod requests, so it is a bigger job than it usually would be. We will post the class lists on Wednesday, August 19th after 5pm. 

On Thursday, August 20th we will kick off school with the pick-up of care packages, supplies, projects, and materials from your teacher!  Tomorrow afternoon we are creating that schedule, and it will be sent out in a variety of ways – just in case this email still isn’t reaching 100% of our Cabrillo families.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, August 20th! Please remember to wear your mask and maintain social distancing when you come to Cabrillo for your supplies. Again – you will see that pick up schedule by tomorrow evening.


Annie Flores-Aikey, Principal