Jersey Madness was a succes!

On behalf of the Jersey Madness Spring Auction Committee

We want to thank the many of you who volunteered your time, donated towards, and participated during our 2019 Auction event on Saturday.A HUGE thank you to the Pacifica Moose Lodge for not only donating their space, but also donating $500 towards our efforts!

Our Cabrillo School Spirit!

This community came together to give. Some of you gave time while others gave money or items to donate. Local businesses, who may or may not have direct connections with us, gave generously and all participated with a spirit of fun and goodwill in support of our children, our teachers and the broader school community.

Our Event By The Numbers:

  • 130 event tickets sold
  • 12 teacher (plus one) sponsored tickets
  •  85 local businesses and individual donations
  • 100% participation of teachers and classrooms donations
  • 23 individuals who volunteered their time planning for, setting up, manning stations or breaking down the event
  • 9 cases of donated wine
  • $520 Highest bid


Reconciling Winnings: This week we’re working to get winning bidders their fabulous items. If this is you, you should have received an email from Angelique. Please respond as requested. You can also view the winners by bid number in the office. These will be posted by Monday afternoon. As a winner, you will have 1 week to collect and pay for your item(s). After 1 week, we will offer the item(s) to the next winner on the bid sheet. We have items still open for bidding! Remaining Mad Dash items are still available. Purchase at the price of offering. Pay by cash or check in the office. Beginning Tuesday morning.

In the FINALS:

Many of you have generously given towards this even and we’re grateful. We now want to especially recognize the following volunteers for their day-of support: Amy Andronian, Kim Hagemann, Kiyomi Arai, Lisa Alasandro, Lizelle Keane, Lori and Michael Traylor, Marisela Hopa, Melissa Burns, Rebecca Deryckx, Norma Scritzky, Stephanie Harrington, Tim Barry Sr., Tim Barry Jr., Rich Russitano, Neil Kopping, Michela Christensen, Brad Switzer, Lisa To, Kathy Johnson, Tom Stafford, Stan Martin, Laura and Ian Perdikomatis, Liz Russell and Rebecca Silva. We’re so proud to be a part of this community! Big or small, your participation mattered and will have a lasting impact on our kids.

Thank you, Britt Kopping, Angelique Barry and Jennifer Russitano On behalf of the 2019 Spring Auction Committee